Third Eyelids Stuck

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Hi there, can anyone help me. My cat Tiddywits third eyelids have closed over a quarter of his eye. Our vet says these things happen and there is nothing to fix it. But he is getting depressed and not eating as much as he used to. Is there any home rememdies, or anything to help at all?

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The third eyelid (nictiting membrane) helps to produce tears & lubricates a cat's cornea, plus the tears clean dust & dirt from it's eyes. If if were me I would go back and ask the vet why Tiddywit's eyes are sealed - is there an infection? is the third membrane not producing enough tears? (There are kitties who have this problem and a simple solution is prescription eyedrops). If you can't get the answers you need from your current vet, I think it's time to find another who will provide more support. Don't let Tiddywits suffer with irritated eyes.


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Is there anything in your house that could be irritating his eyes? Do you smoke, burn incense or lots of candles? Sometimes things like this irritate kitty eyes and will cause the third eyelid to 'stick'. If he goes outdoors, check for irritants in the neighborhood as well.

(Side not to any cat owner who smokes- please don't do it around the cats. Go outside. They not only breath in the smoke, the particles also settle on their fur and they ingest them. Mouth cancer, lung cancer, constant respirtory distress and irritated eyes.. spare your cats)


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Yikes! Third eyelids up and he is eating less and acting "depressed"? Like lethargic? Every time one of us cats have had their third eyelids up it's been because they were very sick. Is he dehydrated? Try puling the skin of his shoulder blades up and see if it falls right down when you let go or if kind of slowly falls, if it takes it's time falling back into place I think you better get a second opinion... I just can't believe a vet would tell you your cat's third eyelids being was just one of those things that happens and there is nothing you can do! What would they do if Tiddywits has a bad infection or an icky parasite and suffered irreversable damage or even died from this?

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I agree with the cats who said maybe get a second opinion. I've had my 3rd eyelids stick partially closed and it was usually caused by an infection. Once I had an eye injury (thanks to my dopey brother's claws) that got infected, and a couple other times it was because of an upper respiratory infection.

Are there any other symptoms? Runny nose or sneezing? Is the eyelid white or is it reddish? That might help give a clue.


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We've had third eyelid troubles from giardia, tapeworms, distemper, and toxoplasmosis. Anything that might make them dehydrated, like anything that might make them lose their appetite, have nausea or diarrhea, or bad runny eyes and nose, could get those eyelids up. They are good first indicator that something is going wrong with a kitty's health. You especially need to act fast if he isn't eating normally, because sometimes when a kitty loses weight his liver can't handle it and starts shutting down. Once my uncle Stormy and uncle Kyle got sick from their livers and it was probably from rapid weight loss. Their vet told our humans they were most likely going to die, but luckily they pulled through. The most important factor in any of this is catching it and getting taken care of it quickly! And this is coming from a 10 month old who has almost died from severe infections twice!