To what age do most indoor cats live?

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We are all hitting (or into) double digits in my house and I am just wondering what age do most indoor cats live to be? I know it is a terrible question but we have been wondering a lot lately around here what to expect in the upcoming years.
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It does vary, but an average house cat lives to be between 14-18 years of age. Many live past 18, and in fact there is a kitty on this site that is 24. As kitties age, diabetes, kidney failure and hyperthyroidism affects many.

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My childhood cat lived to be 16 and he was an indoor/outdoor kitty. My aunt's cat was 22 when she died, which is pretty old. I'll have to do some research for the indoor cat average age.

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Our oldest (now gone) was 21. Oldest living now 19, next 17. I am 11, which is pretty good since I have had seziures since kittenhood. Mom thinks 12 to 14 is about normal, but 16+ is not unusual! Your family is still young!

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I almost made it to 20. My sister Nikki is 12 right now and doing well despite being hyperthyroid. Indoor cats, as you know, do better than outdoor cats. The key is lots of clean water, good food and vet visits. Dental care is also very important.

My life was so great and I was so loved that I wanted to stay around for as long as possible. But my kidneys could only last so long.

Just get lots of lovin and regular check ups.


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Thank you all. I know we have lots of time I guess I just don't want it to sneak up on us since I never had pets as a kid. These are all my original pets (babies!) still. Thanks again.

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My two original girls both lived to be 18. Abbie was very healthy until the last year. When she became sick, she declined very quickly. Up until then, she looked like a very young adult kitty. If you monitor your kitties bloodwork as they get older, you can head off lots of problems that could make them sick. Also, play close attention to their water drinking and potty activities, as they can be the first things to change with a sick kitty.

Although Abbie was old, at 18, I had fully expected her to be with me into her 20's. Sasha had a series of massive strokes at around 18 1/2, but had been very healthy until then.

It's not really fair that our kitties have such short lives compared to ours, but I think they make up for it in the amount of love they share with us during that time.

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This Delyte. We had a cat living with us 6 years ago, Elektra, who had been a mostly outdoor cat all her life--15 years--and had been hit by cars twice, and repaired with metal pins and lost her tail. [How awful!] She lived with us for more than a year, so she was 17, and she went out one day and never came back. Her brother from the same litter died the same way the same week.

This is Delyte's person: My sister had a cat when she was in college who lived to be 21, although her last few years had not been too good--she looked like a skeleton cat. And our grandmother's cat, Stinky, lived to be 21 also, but we always said he was too mean to die. All my cats have not made it past twelve, and given Delyte's problems with his intestines, it's a miracle he is alive at 11. Every day is a miracle!


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Mom's childhood cat is still alive. She is 18 years old right now. And despite the fact that she is blind and deaf, she is still kicking!

He's gotten slower and a little less healthy, but she was always given regular check ups and kept in very good health and we think she'll live for at least another year or two.