Help I'm not eating and I'm hiding!

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Purred: Wed Jun 14, '06 11:56am PST 
On Monday I threw up and was acting very strange. Mom was quite worried! She called the vet and made an appointment. On Tuesday morning after I ate breakfast (my favorite... canned food) I threw up again. So Tuesday afternoon Dad took me to the vet and he said I had a hairball and gave me some hairball medicine. Tuesday night I hid and did not eat my dinner(I always eat so this really worried Mom!!!). Today I did not eat breakfast either and have been hiding in the closet. Does anyone know how long it will take this hairball to pass? Mom is freaking out because I am totally not acting like myself....

Sir Piper- Pees Alot

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Purred: Wed Jun 14, '06 12:55pm PST 
Doesn't sound like a hairball to me. You need to go back to your vet. What are you vomiting up?
Did they do bloodwork? X-rays? Take your tempature? Anything? Or just give you a once over and say its a hairball because mamma says thats bull...


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Purred: Wed Jun 14, '06 1:48pm PST 
As I mentioned in a post a few threads down, this happened to me about 5 years ago. Now, I am a cat who has NEVER turned away from food, so when I don't eat Mom's radar goes off very loud. I stopped eating, starting throwing up frothy bile and hid in the guest room. The first vet said "hairball", the second vet was clueless, finally the third vet took some pictures of my insides and found that I was constipated and the feces had dried up so I couldn't pass them.

So, between us cats, you need someone to take pictures of your insides and see what is going on. Cats can only go without eating for 3 or 4 days at most before we start going into Hepatic Lipidosis.



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Purred: Wed Jun 14, '06 2:09pm PST 
Hi Ruby, I fully agree with Sir Piper, you really must get your humans to take you back to the vets for a second opinion and get this checked out.

Good Luck, and keep us posted on how you are doing.

Arthur (Miss- You!- '93-'09)

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Purred: Wed Jun 14, '06 2:49pm PST 
Yes, definitely go back to the vet, or even another vet!

Last year, I started gagging and having dry heaves but not really bringing anything up, and first suspicion was that it was a hairball. But then I quit eating and didn't want to be touched (normally I'm an extremely affectionate kitty). It turns out I had a kidney infection.

If you're hiding, that's a sign that you're in pain.

I hope you feel better soon! Keep us posted!

Donny the Astro-Kitty

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Purred: Wed Jun 14, '06 3:08pm PST 
if you haven't eaten for more than a day, you need to see the vet again! cats NEVER turn away food unless they're feeling that terrible (as in, need-to-see-vet terrible)

purrs for you, Ruby,



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Purred: Wed Jun 14, '06 3:28pm PST 
Definitely time to see the vet again. If not done already, xrays are in order, along w/ a general blood panel. It is imperative that you start eating or serious problems could occur. (Hepatic Lipidosis would be one). You should have dislodged the hairball by now, if that is what it causing this. Could you have gotten into anything else. Do you like to play w/ string, or have a habit of chewing on toys? If so, a foreign body could be of concern. Please call your vet and get in ASAP. You do not want this to develop into further complications. Good Luck.

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Purred: Wed Jun 14, '06 4:27pm PST 
Hope you get better soon, Ruby. It's so important that you get help with this very quickly.

meow meow,


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Purred: Wed Jun 14, '06 6:31pm PST 
Feel better soon and keep us posted!

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Purred: Thu Jun 15, '06 4:22am PST 
Definitely let us know how things work out! But any change in a kitty's normal behavior is a warning flag that should be watched carefully. That's how my mum caught my illness early and I didn't have to suffer much. I had already seen the vet twice before I stopped eating, but hopefully it isn't as serious for you.

Not eating can be caused by a variety of problems, but it's definitely something that can't be overlooked. My mum had a kitten once that stopped eating for two days because of coccidia. They fixed that problem, but the strain on his little system caused him to lapse into liver failure because he was so little and delicate.

Not trying to scare you. I just hope that your first vet didn't overlook other possible problems.

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