How can you tell if your cat is blind?

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We have a kitten who is around 8 weeks old. We think he has a sight problem or he is blind. His eyes are a weird grayish/blue color and when he is chasing something, sometimes he will lose track of it. I have not seen him run into things and he knows where his litter and food is. He seems to be doing awesome but we just wanted to know how to tell if a cat is blind and can they live okay if they are blind. If he is blind it doesnt matter to us, we love him.

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My mommy worries about my sight because I have cataracts. I still chase the laser pointer, though! Do you have one of those?

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You could go to the vet, or do a test like.. don't make any sounds and drag a little string around in front of him.


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The most common cause of sudden blindness in older cats is probably
hypertension (high blood pressure), usually associated with
hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, diabetes or some other systemic illness.
Optic neuritis does occur independently of hypertension. In addition,
glaucoma can cause blindness that seems to have a sudden onset, even though
it has quietly been causing damage for some time. This is actually one of
the causes of optic neuritis. Cats do not get glaucoma as often as dogs do,
but it is something else to consider.

Many vets (including us) do not have an in-clinic method of measuring blood
pressure. In that situation, I think that it is reasonable to use
medications to control blood pressure on the presumption that it might be
the problem, until it is clear that it is, or is not, part of the problem.
We use amlodipine (Norvasc Rx), usually 1/4 of a 2.5mg tablet once a day.


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I'm sure your vet can tell if Sammy is blind or not. He sounds like a very sweet little guy!

There are a number of blind cats here on Catster. You may want to see some of their pages. On the left side of the screen, under Quick Search, click on Advanced Search. Just click in the box next to "blind" and you'll get a stroll with over 200 blind cats!

All the blind cats I've read about have been able to compensate beautifully for their lack of vision. They have happy, active NORMAL lives! smile

Good luck! Please come back and let us know what the vet says.

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I agree your vet will know and cats do very well with out sight, they get use to the way things are, it is a good idea not to let him outside til you know for sure good luck a beautiful kitty Bluie


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All good advice here.
I am not sure if the cat's eye colour indicates blindness?
(Can't see your eyes on your pic Sammy).... I'm sure others will know though.
If it's just that he sometimes loses track of things when chasing, it could be that his eyesight is still a little undeveloped at 8 weeks old - it's pretty young. The kittens i see when walking past the pet store have kind of an unfocused/glazed eye look from time to time while they're running around and playing.
And it seems you got him from the vet - would they have noticed that he was blind when they had him?