When do cats stop growing?

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Thelma and- Louise

Thelma and- Louise partners- in crime.
Purred: Mon Jul 4, '05 10:56pm PST 
We adopted our girl kitties from the pound at Christmas. They were between 6 to 8 weeks old. So they are about 9 months old now. They are mixed breed, one is grey striped and the other calico, but they are littermates. I was wondering how much longer it will be untill they are full grown. I know it sounds like a lame question, but I have never owned a cat before!

Beatrice- (Miss You!- '94-'12)

The very Beast- of all

Purred: Mon Jul 4, '05 11:09pm PST 
When do we stop growing? Well, I guess it depends on whether you mean in length or in width! ;-)

Most cats reach full skeletal size in a little over a year, I think. It can depend on the breed, though.


Fiend #2.
Purred: Mon Jul 4, '05 11:26pm PST 
Agreed, Beatrice, m'dear! We think it's about 18 months for the color and, uh, whatever you said about skeletal - and by 2 years the muscle and weight should be the final step. And, yes breeds are different, like it took me forever to grow into my ears!!

Welcome, Thelma & Louise, and what's the rush? Being a kitten is wonderful -- you can get away with so much...


Fiend #1.
Purred: Mon Jul 4, '05 11:34pm PST 
May I add that as far as grown "size," there's no way to tell. Sometimes it is said if a kitten has big feet it will be a big cat, but one never knows! Just so they are healthy.
We are so happy they have a good home with you!

Thelma and- Louise

Thelma and- Louise partners- in crime.
Purred: Tue Jul 5, '05 11:21am PST 
I had noticed that Louise coloring is changing to more orange, and both of their hair has became a little longer and thicker. My mother in law had told me they would be done growing between 9 months and 1 year. I just wanted to check because they still seem pretty small.


Diva- Extraordanaire!
Purred: Tue Jul 5, '05 3:05pm PST 
This is Kenya's mom talking now lol

Kenya came to me when she was about 10 months old. She was a decent sized cat even then, but I don't think she quit growing until she was about 18 months old.

It was funny to see her face change... sometimes she'd look like a kitten and then she'd look like an adult and then back to the kitten. Sometimes, if I look at the right angle, that kitten look is still there cuz she's so mischievous! lol

Honey- (9/05/2005)

I am the- tail-less kitty- of cutness
Purred: Tue Jul 5, '05 3:21pm PST 
Ohhh I was wondering about this too... I'm about one year old now and I've been munching on my food like I noramlly do when I'm about to hit a growth spurt. Moms hoping for the growth spurt instead of me just over eating. smile

Tinkerbell(Maude) - ADOPTED!

PPPrrrrr, I love- laps!
Purred: Wed Jul 6, '05 10:11pm PST 
We went through a growth spurt right at 1 year. We're 1/2 siamese. Mommy thought it was because of the switch to an even better food. Daddy will be happy to hear we could still grow even bigger!!! He wanted big cats and I think we're around 12 lbs (and we're not overweight either!!!). So, that'll be cool if we are, just for him!


Purred: Fri Jul 8, '05 6:11pm PST 
I'm 11 months old now and just about fullgrown although I will probably put on a bit more weight over the next few months. If the cats are fixed before they're done growing, then they will grow for a little longer than if they are not fixed. I heard somewhere that by the time a cat is 9 months old it's about 80 to 90% fullgrown.


If all else- fails, eat it.
Purred: Sun Jul 10, '05 3:08am PST 
I'm growing in height now. When some breeds get to around 6-7 years they can grow a little bit. I'm a very big kitty, but still cute!

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