Going outside on a leash

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Kitty- Grumbles

Kitty- Grumbles...soft- murrer
Purred: Tue Dec 25, '07 4:32pm PST 
smileI have a blue Burmese "sister" who was a very shy girl when we got her. She was 2 years old. "Mum" put a harness on her and she froze in fear and wouldn't move a step. A couple of days later, Mum put a collar and a very long light leash and they went out into the back yard. Miskena loved it. Within a week she was out front and stalking crickets and munching on grass. She is almost unafraid now and she knows that Mum is keeping her safe.


Purred: Tue Dec 25, '07 4:39pm PST 
smileKitty Grumbles and I met when "Mum" brought me home from the
cat show. She already knew how to walk on leash and helped talk me through it. We are about the same age...4.. and sometimes Mum takes her out for a couple of hours at a time. We both stay stimulated mentally by chasing crickets, squirrels, birds, cats, but we only ever catch crickets. In winter when we are inside, Mum takes us to "secret" places like the linen cupboard and up in the attic. She knows that Burmese cats are highly intelligent and need mental activity to keep us happy. She is a good Mum who never gets angry when I yell at my toy at 3 am or when Kitty Grumbles rib dances on her at 6 am.