Sensitive Tummies

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Hello, I would absolutely love some advice from other people with British Blues. I have two - one Dudley Paw who is a 3 years old neuter boy and Maggie Scratcher who I got about 2 months ago who is 18 months old spade girlie.

From out of the blue 3 weeks ago they both have got terrible diarrhea - I have been back and forth to the vets with them - stool samples, blood tests, antibiotics..the works and nothing seems to be shining any light or helping.

They are fine in themselves, playing, very hungry, very thirsty - Maggie does have a temperature but Duds has a very cold wet nose and seems to be coping with it better - they are regularly flead, wormed, booster jabs but they have both have no control when and where they go to the toilet...including once on my arm when I asleep in my bed..eeeeeeeew great way to start a Wednesday..

Has anyone ever come across this or have any tips..? They are currently having sensitive dry food mixed with a little boiled chicken and rice and lots and lots of water.

They do have access to the garden so my only thought really is that they have found something untoward there?