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~*MissyMomma- *~

"Ya got- TheMissy,- TheBunnee,- &TheButter"
Purred: Tue Jun 24, '08 11:01am PST 
We have two boys here, the "eldah Guv'nuh" being fifteen year old Mr.Jaken.{He's a blue mac tabby long-hair Persian/Exotic blood--NOT pushed in/pug extreme-- He actually can BREATHE and has a nice nose--"doll-face" they call it}.
When he turned eight, we gotL'ilMirabella MissyMomma, from a British breeder who used some ScottishFolds in her program and got some of the sweetest adorable babies out of these accepted outcrosses.

She came out long-hair, which was the best thing in the world for us, cuz we were able to buy her as a pet. I think her breeder had plans to keep her and use her in her breeding program if she had been born CFA- breed-standard -shorthair- only acceptable!

So Missy turns eight this very day, overseeing for the past week the "discipline&training" of the NEWest kid in the house, L'ilWinston, who is definitely show quality but far more importantly, he's just a little SWEEETheart of a boy.

I just wanted to vent my love for the Brits and i'm so glad i have you guys to "gush" with.

These cats have the biggest, sweetest hearts in the world!

Thanks you guys!
Chrissie{my husband calls me "CrazyCatLady"}!