British Blue Shorthairs

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Purred: Mon Oct 13, '08 2:55pm PST 
I'm a baby blue brit! I was born in New Jersey and now live in Dallas, TX. I've only been here a week but I think I like it. I too like a good belly rub and am very affectionate and playful. I'm super soft and purr constantly. My humans cuddle me a lot and I'm okay with that... most of the time.


Purred: Wed Nov 19, '08 11:39pm PST 
My name is Richie! I'm a blue british shorthair and I live in Los Angeles smile


"everything here- belongs to- me..."
Purred: Sun Nov 30, '08 2:55am PST 
Hi everyone! Just found this site...I am a Blue BSH, a year and half old.



my blue boys
Purred: Tue Dec 10, '13 9:16am PST 
hello we are britain and blue, and we are still trying to figure out what kind of blue we are. Right now all we now is that we are handsome and blue lol

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