Is she a Bombay or Domestic Shorthair

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Purred: Sun Apr 13, '14 10:52pm PST 
Is this a bombay or domestic shorthair black? Her hair is not puffy at all it almost feels as if conditioner was applied to it. It's very sleek and soft. Her paws are all black on the bottom pads, her whiskers are black. She has maybe 3 random single white hairs on her entire body and I think one of them at any given time may be debris from rolling around. I found her malnourished, with fleas, mites, worms outside. She is remarkably friendly. When I arrive home she rolls onto her back so I can rub her belly. She fetches, is extremely quiet, in fact I don't think she's meowed once in the 2 months I've had her. She is super friendly when new people come over. She almost knows they are doting on her and enjoys the attention, even if it's a perfect stranger. The day I found her i was going to be down under freezing that night. I called her and she came right over immediately. She's been here since.