Do you think I'm a Bombay?

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Salem- Spookypants

Being a Black- Cat is Where- it's At!
Purred: Thu Dec 31, '09 10:58am PST 
So my mommy and daddy rescued me from a shelter when I was eight weeks old. I'm completely black from head to toe. I have large round goldish colored eyes. I love to play fetch, go on walks with my leash, cuddle with my parents all the time, and greet my parents when they come home from work with lots of kitty kisses. My parents seem to think I have all the personality aspects of a Bombay, but we just don't know. Any insight? Maybe I just have a little mix of it in me? Anyways my parents think I'm beautiful just the same!!!


Purred: Sun Mar 21, '10 9:17pm PST 
your cat does look like a bombay. Casper my cat is a bombay mix a mix of what i know not. but im almost certain your cat has some if not more bombay in her


"Mr. Cool"
Purred: Sat Apr 10, '10 10:41pm PST 
Yes, I think you look like a bombay. Do you think I look like a bombay. My mom and dad call me a little panther but I do have a white tummy and a little white on my chest. kitty