I think I'm a Bombay!

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Glue, Glue, Glue- - He sticks to you
Purred: Mon Dec 21, '09 8:22am PST 
Extremely curious, I crawl into anything I can. I can do front and back flips while running in the yard.
I talk a lot and only meow when I want to go outside.
At about 6 months old I look small but weigh 8 lbs. My legs are super long and I'm already taller and longer than my older house mate Sheva. I have very golden/copper eyes that glow. I will also fetch a ball and bring it back to be tossed again. All the neighbors like me and think I don't act like a "normal" cat. big grin


"Mr. Cool"
Purred: Sat Apr 10, '10 10:45pm PST 
You defintely look like a bombay there . My mommy and daddy think I'm a bombay mix because they say I look like a panther and I am very tall with a long body. hamster dance