Am I a Bombay too?

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Purred: Wed Oct 8, '08 4:29pm PST 
Hi, I'm Shadow. My Owner found me for free at a local Strawberry Farm this May. I was only 6 weeks old when she took me home. I am very loving and have a very loud purr. You can hear it through doors. I also have a wide range of meows and I am not afraid to use them.

I love to play with anything that I can get my paws on. Plastic bottle caps and my tiny blue soccer ball are my favorite things to play with. I also try to get my Owner to play at night but for some reason all she wants to do is sleep. I am trying to be patient with her since I have a feeling I am the first cat she has ever owned.

I am not really sure what breed I am. The vet told me I was just an American Short hair but my Owner has been looking up cat breeds and she thinks I might be a Bombay. Does anyone know if I am or not?