Who else has a blue heeler/beagle mix?

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"Hound Dog"
Purred: Fri Aug 28, '09 3:44pm PST 
Apache is a beagle/ heeler, not sure if red or blue..his coloring and patchesd are red but he has the blue hairs also..I have him listed a red heeler..


Purred: Tue Nov 3, '09 6:31pm PST 
Hi there I just found this forum and it is great to find others with a Beagle/Blue Heeler mix. My girl is named Harley and we got her about 2 years ago and we love her to death. She is a very friendly and affection dog and gets along well with other people and dogs.


Purred: Sat Nov 28, '09 10:49am PST 
Hi, my name is Sheila and I am a beagle/blue heeler mix. I am VERY fast when I run full speed and I am a lot of fun to play with. I'm smart and calculating ... and very silent when I want to be. I can fit under beds with ease and sneak into rooms that have the doors closed. I should be a spy or an investigator. Nice to meet others like me. I have more pictures that I will add soon, but please welcome me!


live free or die- hard
Purred: Wed Dec 9, '09 8:23pm PST 
I have an awesome blue heeler mix named bunny, age 9. I got her at the south central pound and i know she has a sister out there somewhere. I would love to find her.

Bunny is the sweetest yet most insane dog I've ever met. Does anyone else have this experience with this mix?

Eleanor- Maeberry- (Ellie Mae)

why don't cats- like me?
Purred: Thu Dec 17, '09 7:00pm PST 
I have a blue heeler/beagle mix! She is the perfect size because she is big enough to play and run around with me, but when she sleeps she curls up into a teeny tiny ball.

She is like two different dogs. Inside she is a perfect apartment dog- quiet, couch potato/cuddler, very submissive. Outside she just goes wild to sniff stuff and chase animals. blue dog

She gets along with both me and my fiance like we are both her equal masters which we like. I think I would be jealous if she liked him more than me! snoopy


Purred: Mon Dec 28, '09 6:43pm PST 
We have one as well. He is 10 years old now, but acts like he's 3 when he sees a bunny or something of the such.


Momma's cuddle- dog
Purred: Sat Jan 2, '10 8:37am PST 
Hello. I have a Blue Heeler Beagle Mix. Her Name is Mia and she is 2 yrs old. I am soon to be 27 and she is my first dog. I never knew how much I would love her! She loves the snow and she loves walks. She loves to cuddle up next to me. We have had Mia for 6 months now, and I have loved every minute of it. She has never chewed up anything and hardly ever has accidents on the floor. The only real issue that I have is that she barks at any nose outside and in the rare occasion that she gets loose, she takes off running and is hard to get back (This has only happened a couple times) She is great with my kids, however she is very protective and when visitors come over we have to ask them not to rough house with the children (2yrs and 7yrs) because this upsets her. Do you have the same issues with your dog? I would love to get to know others with this breed as well.


The Prince of- Dogness
Purred: Wed Feb 10, '10 11:06pm PST 
We have Ozzie, a blue-heeler/beagle, we think, or possibly basset. He barks like a hound owoooo, and thinks he's a cat. He's a bit squat, and his neck is bigger than his head. He's always losing his collars. We love him dearly. He's our funny-looking little dog. There isn't another dog quite like Ozzie anywhere, I don't think. LOL.


Purred: Fri Mar 12, '10 8:10pm PST 
Just adopted a Blue Heeler/Beagle puppy from the Humane Society that we named Vegas. We have two boys, a 4 year old and 9 month old and I can tell already that he will be very good with them. I also heard that they are easy to train. What else can I expect?


Purred: Thu Apr 8, '10 10:18am PST 
Hey, I supposedly have a blue heeler beagle mix. I'm interested to see if anyone thinks this is true!

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