Bengal mix?

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the name of a- soda
Purred: Mon Dec 30, '13 6:34pm PST 
I have a kitten named Pepsi...A lot of people have told me she looks Bengal. I am not sure. She was not from a shelter nor breeder, but she was a rescue. She is a very good jumper, for a 8 week old kitten. She climbs, plays, so much. She seems to like water, as she sticks her paws in her water dish. She is growing super fast. She has beautiful markings, that are half orange and ha;f brown. She has stunning brown eyes, that do not show up on camera. her paws are brown and pink. Please could someone help determine her breed? thank you! xoxokitty


Ollie, Ollie- oxen free!
Purred: Thu May 15, '14 12:58pm PST 
From the picture Pepsi appears to be Bengal mixed with Somali and several other breeds. Hope that helps! smile