Potty Issues

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Purred: Sat Jan 2, '10 5:10pm PST 
HI all. I have a 10 month old Bengal who has been "missing" his litter box. We use the silica crystals that my breeder recommended which he hasn't had problem before but now seems to be going outside the box. When cats spray is it like a puddle when they pee or would it be on walls? Cause there's little puddles here and there. He has also gone potty in storage boxes, so not sure if he can't hold it in or what. But I need help! Oh, he's getting neutered on Monday, not sure if that's the problem...


Purred: Sun Jan 3, '10 1:28am PST 
he may be spraying.. a territory thing male cats do..

neutering probably will solve the problem.

if not change the kitty litter.

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Purred: Sun Jan 3, '10 1:30am PST 
he might be spraying.. a territory thing male cats do- neutering should help- if not change the kitty litter


Purred: Sun Feb 10, '13 7:45pm PST 
How many generatios is he/she from an ALC? If close at all, toilet training is an option.
Try putting a wide, low bowl of water half way between the litter box and the toilet. Gradually as you find he soils the water, dump, clean, refill and place a foot closer to the toilet. Repeat until bowl is beside toilet. Then in the toilet.
The bowl has to be at least 6-8 inches wide so he/she can easily climb in.