Considering a Bengal - any thoughts from owners?

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Hi everybody!


My wife and I are finally considering adopting a new cat - we've been without one for a couple of years now.

I've set my heart on a Bengal, but would appreciate any comments from Bengal owners before I pursue things further.

I grew up with Devon Rex and Burmese cats (my parents were hobbyist breeders). I loved the Rexes for their eccentricities and the Burmeses for their loving nature. I know that Bengals will be different still, but would love a warts-and-all idea of what to expect from one.

Bengalrescue paints a rather ominous picture of the breed, while other sites are nothing but sweetness and light. The truth is probably somewhere in-between, but I could do with as many first-hand accounts as possible.

The cat would be an only cat (unless we adopted a pair - but again I see conflicting opinions online as to whether that's a good idea).

I'm a stay-at-home dad to a very calm and considerate five-year-old boy.

Our next door neighbour has a mature Burmese, and I don't want to ruin our friendhip by bringing a monster into the neighbourhood.

I'm hopeful that adopting a kitten and introducing it to the neighbours at an early age will prevent any conflict in future, but that's just me being logical. Cats tend not to be. smile

We live on a cul-de-sac in a moderately countrified village, and the cat would have full run of the house and garden (and possibly beyond).

Would a Bengal make a good family pet? Or will it all end in tears? Will the neighbours form a lynch mob and descend on the house with flaming torches?

Yes, I *want* reassurance that these gorgeous cats are perfect for our home, but honesty is what I really *need*.

All comments appreciated!

Thanks in advance,



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I just LOVE the breed. I have a 6 month old male. He lives here with 3 dogs and thinks he is one of them. He loves my 13 year old Daughter. They are very vocal and will actually talk to you. They think everything is a toy and sometimes that is you! They love high places and to climb so a cat tree or climbing area is a must. Overall if you want an adventure a Bengal is it! Alot of them love water and will play in it. They are like any other animal. Show them alot of love and they are wonderful pets. LOVE MINE!!

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Brilliant! Thanks for the reply.

Seems that the comments made on the Belgalrescue website don't reflect the general consensus regarding the breed. I'm now looking round for breeders in my area.

They look stunning, and - by all accounts - are big on personality.

Can anyone advise on the pros and cons of adopting a pair of Bengals as opposed to just one?

Thanks again,



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I have a pair of female bengals. They are half sisters (same father). They are 2 weeks apart in age. For the most part they get along very well. They sleep together and clean each other and play together. Occasionally they get a little rough, but I think they are still playing. The only trouble between them is when one or both of them come back from the vet. Then they hiss at each other for a little while, but they get over it. I love my babies. One is extremely mischievious and will hide under stuff and wait for the other one to walk by. The one hiding then jumps out and scares the other one. It's very funny to watch. I like having 2 because these cats are very active cats and I feel they are good company for each other when we aren't home.


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How are you?
When our oldest cat "P.J." went to "rainbow bridge" 8 years ago, we had a friend that knew someone that was a "Bengal" breeder! My friend told them about us losing our BELOVED P.J. and the breeders had 3 kittens from the mom and dad Bengals! One Male and one Female were sold, but my little "SQUIRE LEOPOLD CASHMERE" was NOT sold because he has some "silver" color on the tip of his tail!
Well, guess what? This HANDSOME BEAUTIFUL kitten was GIVEN to us!
He is so beautiful and ALMOST everyday, I am taking his picture!
He gets into A LOT of trouble, (we have 4 other cats) and also into a LOT of places that he shouldn't be, but on the other hand, He is SUCH a "Momma's Boy"! At night when I lay down, He comes running in and "Flops" next to my thigh and rolls on his back for me to rub his stomach! I could do that for HOURS, he just lays there and purrs and then he falls ASLEEP!
I would SO RECCOMEND a Bengal for you!
I would LOVE for you to see the other pics I have of "Squire".
When we got him, I couldn't decide on one name, so I gave him all three!
SORRY this is so long, but feel free to email me with any questions!
Good luck and keep me posted!


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Hello Guest,
tell us if you ended up adopting! On Catster there are several purebreed Bengals up for adoption, needing a quiet home or one without other cats...check those out, some gorgeous, loving kitties available who need homes.

We are brother and sister Bengals, Lucy and Hobbes. The truth is this:

We will drive you crazy. In a good way. We are very needy for attention. Not all the time, but a lot of the time. We are very active, so get out the feather wand! We are easy to groom, no requirements, really. We are not necessarily lap cats, but the older we get, the more we like the lap idea. We love a schedule. We are a little skitterish, but are getting better about literally greeting guests at the door. We do not scratch furniture, we have a scratching post which we use. We are trainable. We have excellent litter box manners. We love to watch birds and wildlife, best kept indoors. Our cousin Chui (another Bengal) who is allowed outside will go on long adventures to the neighbors' homes. And get into open car windows to sleep on a warm seat. We chirp, squeak and make unusual cat noises. We are FULL of love. We are very gentle.

Let us know if you have any specific questions, and good luck!
Hobbes and Lucy


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I am owned by 2 Bengals. Kiara was mistreated for about a year early one before i got her. I was her last chance after she found her way back to her original breeder. She is very vocal about wanting attention but until about 6 months ago wouldn't actually jump up on my lap and forget about trying to pick her up unless you wanted to be cussed at. She would instead sit near me, normally under my chair wanting a hand there to head butt.. right now she's a metre away from me chirping hello. She's now approximately 6.
Romeo is my 2 year old boy. Full of mischief. Also an accomplished escape artist.

Neither is happy to be picked up and cuddled but even when Kiara was antisocial while i was in bed she had more confidence and did like to get under the covers with me in winter. Go figure.

They for the most part get on very well but as with any family one is likely to be more boisturous. And yeah its Romeo. Just 2 nights ago he was grooming Kiara on top of the entertainment unit... she had enough, he wouldn't back off, she tried to jump, slipped, landed badly and i was terrified she'd broken a back leg the way she was limping on a rear leg. But the next day was moving ok and weight baring so i got lucky with soft tissue damage only.

My advice. Great breed. Can be very dog-like. Very active or sedentary in habits. Don't think that collectible knick-knack will be safe up there on the shelf because your Bengal will find it.


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I meow and even howl at my daddy constantly when he is at home and not in the same room with me.. I am very demanding. When I want to play fetch I grab a toy, a little brown stuffed doggy is my favorite, and drop it on my daddy's foot. I love to be held and love climbing on top of my daddy when I am a sleepy kitty and I curl up under his arm for a purrrfect nap. I love to follow him around our home and would love to go outside on a leash/harness someday! When it is bedtime I join my daddy on his bed either above or below the blankets!