Cat introductions

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I have a kinda complex situation here and I would love suggestions. For the last seven years or so, I had two female cats. I guess I never introduced them properly or they just didn't like each other, but they arranged it so one lived upstairs and the other downstairs and they never crossed each other's territory. Sadly, the upstairs kitty developed cancer and passed away. Several months before that, a stray cat had three kittens under the deck in my backyard. The stray mom left and didn't come back so I fed and raised those babies thinking I would find homes for them. After I lost my kitty, I just couldn't part with the three babies, so I brought them inside. They have been neutered/spayed, they have had all their shots and they have turned out to be sweet kitties. We celebrated one year together recently. They mostly stay upstairs but lately they have gotten brave enough to come downstairs and sit with me and my husband. Still skittish, but getting better. We take turns letting the three of them have the run of the house with my original cat in my bedroom and the letting my original cat have the run of the house with the three in the upstairs bedroom where the original cat still won't go. So they have all smelled each other throughout the house and haven't had issues. There is even a community litter box they all use, but the three and my one original haven't met face to face. She growls and hisses at them through the door so I haven't wanted to push it any farther, but we need to get on with this so we don't have them meet by accident when someone forgets to close a door!

They don't seem the least bit interested or curious about each other. My thought is to put the older cat in a cat carrier or covered kennel and bring her in the room while one of the other cats is out and intro them one by one. Does anyone have any other ideas about face to face introductions? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!