Odd behavior and Excessive meowing

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Purred: Tue Jul 22, '14 5:54pm PST 
We have 2 girls who are about 9 months- 10 months. The odd behavior with Ivy is she seems to be the attention hog. When we give Ebony attention, Ivy comes over and meows and tries to take attention off of her sister. And they each have their own food/water dishes, and when they eat, if Ebony is eating out of one, Ivy will go over to the food dish and will start eating out of it, Ebony will move, start eating and so does Ivy. We can't understand what's going on.

And the past month or 2 Ivy has been meowing so much. Like she will just meow until we ask her to stop or we call her over to give her attention but then she'll start meowing again. We're trying to understand whats going on with Ivy. Ebony is pretty quiet and they both love cuddling.
Help! Any reply would be awesome!


Biscuit Maker

Purred: Wed Jul 30, '14 9:57pm PST 
I would say that Ivy is trying to be the dominant one and she wants all the attention. Ivy's meowing may be that she is just a "talker" and Ebony is the quiet one. My Shannara meows a lot. We have lots of conversations. At times I hear her meowing and I think something is wrong. I find her in another room, talking to her toys. laugh out loud


Purred: Thu Jul 31, '14 8:44am PST 
Haha aww cute. Okay, that makes sense. When she meows sometimes I think, "Are you trying to talk to us?" and then I'll talk back to her and she responds. But I have wondered if Ivy is the talker and Ebony is the quiet one. And yeah my husband thinks she's trying to be the alpha cat and they are sisters so Ivy COULD be older but can there even be older sibling cats/kittens in the same liter of kittens?