Excessive meowing

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Hey ya'll!
We have 2 girls who we love- Ebony and Ivory (Ebby and Ivy). Both 9 months old, maybe 10 months now. Ebony is more...quiet, and she is a little flighty/skiddish (if that makes sense), while Ivory is the meower and the attention "hog" or "kitty". If we are giving Ebony attention and talking to her, Ivy will come over and get right in the way. Or if we call Ebony or talk to her, Ivy comes running. Haha.

So the past...month Ivy's been overly meowing and while they're eating/drinking, if Ebony is eating and Ivory wants to eat, she will put her paw in front of Ebony's face like as if she's trying to pull food out of the dish or push Ebony's face out of her way and they both have a dish with food and water. She did this last night (7/15/14) and my husband thinks Ivy is trying to 'be' or 'prove' that she's the alpha cat. And I wonder if its because she's bored and wants to play? I dunno.

And the meowing thing, every time I check they're food/water dishes(s) and the litter box(s)and if they have food/water and their litter is fine, I scratch my head, like "Oooh kay?"

We know they are happy being our girls because when we walk in the door from work, they are either sitting by the door or they are lounging on the couch watching the door and greet us.

Is there something we're not doing? Are we doing something wrong? Do they sound unhappy?
(They have a few toys- like plastic noisy balls and a couple soft toys- my hubby built them a scratcher that is tall.) Excuse me for going on and on!

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