Do Feliway plug-ins really work?

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I've got a twelve week old calico kitten with some aggression issues (which we are working on) who can also become extremely skittish. I'm wondering if these products would help calm her. If so, do I need to put them in every room? Thank you in advance! (And if there is a product you like better than Feliway, feel free to recommend.)


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I bought Keeper 2 Feliway Plug-in diffusers...one for my bedroom and one for the family room. I just recently moved and Mr. Keeps was spending a ton of time under the bed. He was afraid of EVERYTHING and was a tad aggressive when I had visitors. I called my vet and she recommended getting 2. I have a 1+ bedroom apartment to give you an idea of the size of my place. Since he was having most his issues in my bedroom, she recommended one there. She said the other should go in the living room or kitchen.

I have had them plugged in now for 4 days, and I've noticed a difference. My parents came over on one occasion as well as a friend, and Keeper had no issues. He has also been coming out from under the bed more often. I decided to also get the Feliway spray to spray his new cat tree and scratching post with.

Feliway and Comfort zone with Feliway are essentially the same thing. If you do go ahead and buy them, get them at Amazon. They are pricey.