Can't get kitten to stop biting me -- please help!

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Hello all! My 11 week old kitten, Adelaide, is quite the biter. I rescued her from a kill shelter a week ago tomorrow. I do not play with her (and never have) with my hands -- always with toys. The first few days I had her, she was battling an upper respiratory infection and just wanted to be loved and petted and rarely bit. Now that she is feeling better, she bites me all the time, usually when I'm trying to pet her. The vet suggested not giving her attention when this happens. I've tried this, but she often will still try to crawl up my pants' leg, etc. I've started putting her in "time out" either in her carrier or the bathroom when she bites (this is what the vet suggested). She's still biting, though! I want to nip this behavior in the bud early. Is there anything else I should be adding to this behavioral training? About how long will it take her to figure out that she cannot bite me? Should I be worried about her not growing out of this? Thank you so much for all of your help! I'm a first-time kitten owner, so I greatly appreciate your answers to my questions!

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When one of my cats gets carried away with love biting or starts playing too rough, I say Knock it off or something similar, then I hiss and spit air at the cat, then ignore it for awhile. A hiss and a spit is is what a cat does when another cat or kitten gets too rough. One reason it's good to have two kittens instead of only one is that they tend to save the rough stuff for each other.