3 Cats now! Need help with #2 and #3 getting along!

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This may be pretty long so thank you in advance for getting as far as you do!
First off some background on the cats:

First cat in the house, Haiiro; Russian Blue Mix, male, long and slender weighing about 11(?) pounds. He has been with us for a year now. add him since kitten stage so that puts him a little over a year old. He's energetic and playful. Little rough but he has gotten better now with behavior training going on more. Especially now since he has a brother but we'll get to that.

Second cat in the house, Fifa; Lynx Point Siamese, female, stocky weighing about 12(?) pounds. She has been with us for slightly less than a year. She came to us about 6 years old. She has gone through quite a big change since her past owner was an army woman who brought her everywhere she went. Literally, I have papers for 3 years of Italy vet records on this cat. Now living with a man and another cat, paper's seemed to show she was always an only cat, she has made quite a big adjustment already. She is tolerant of Haiiro and has done well to teach him when she's had enough.

Now the new guy, Boone; Maine Coon Mix, male, big and long weighing about 16(?) pounds. He has been here for 1 week as of writing this. He himself is also slightly over a year old. The main purpose for his home here, aside from finding him a permanent residence after three other home situations not working before this, was to be a brother for Haiiro that can keep up with him. His temperament close matches that of Haiiro's only he has a lot more chill time. Only reason for other home situations not working out all seemed to just be that he was too big and energetic for they're older cats.

SO on to the meat of the situation. Boone has come into the house, might I add after a 1 hour car ride that he was absolutely wonderful on. Poor guy has been moved around so much it seems almost second nature. He has a room all to himself, all the amenities of a normal cat home, prepared. Got baby gates for introductions, all that jazz. So day 2 comes along. Haiiro and Boone are batting at each other under the door. Making very adorable sounds. And sure enough I pop a gate up curious to the reaction. I can not lie that what I saw these two do would make anyone, who did not know they weren't, ask if they were brothers. They are the best of buds right off the start! Which is great because that's one of the biggest goals was for there to be a playmate for Haiiro. Now the "troubled" cats turn in this. Fifa is well aware of the new guy. She has seen him through the gates when we've had them up. Reaction as to be expected growl and a hiss then she either sits and watches to let out a few more hisses or just walks away from there. Our may concern is it has changed her attitude quite a bit. It only after Boone "not existing" for a bit she goes back to her normal we've known. But, anytime he comes up again she gets snippy and agitated with everyone. Haiiro has seen the most of it since he smells the most like Boone with the amount of interaction they want. I can't really think of too much more to say so I'll leave some questions I'd like answers to hoping this information is enough to suffice.

Is it possible that some cats can just never get along?
(I know one week is not enough time to tell in most cases I just wanted to know)

Is Haiiro's frequent interaction with Boone a bad thing?
(We saw it as a good way to get Fifa to accept him through Haiiro carrying his smell.)

Is there any way to calm and hinder the attitude Fifa develops after an encounter with Boone?
(There is a calming diffuser we use for after plus praising and treats when she is not hissy or mean)


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While it is great that the boys are getting along, honestly a couple days is not a long time for them all to get aquainted. YOur girl, being a little older, needs more time to get used to your latest kitty. Be prepared, as they may never be friends, but her attitude should improve, it just takes patience. Make sure to give her alot of attention, so she knows she is still the princess. I have 3 males & 1 female, she was here first, and honestly doesn;t really like any of the boys. She tolerates them, but will usually growl or hiss at them. You might try rubbing the new kitty with a towel, and let her smell it and get used to the scent when he is in another room. Feliway diffusers are great, they need to be plugged in all the time to work properly. You could also try to play with a wand type toy when they are in the same room, so they are kind of "playing together" I think with much patience and some time, it will get smoother, but as I said those 2 may never be best buds. Good luck!wave


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Just give Fifa some time, at least a week or 2, maybe more. It takes different cats different lengths of time to adjust to a newcomer. I am the "newest" of 3 cats living in my mama's home. I've been here about 1 year and a half now, and it took a couple weeks or so fur my brofurs to accept me. Once a couple weeks have passed, if Fifa is displaying any aggression or bullying towards the new one you may have to take action. But fur now just give her time. We girls are furry independent! wink

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How to introduce new cat to multiple cat household

It usually takes two weeks at least for a cat to adjust to a new home and for the resident cats in that home to accept the new cat. At first keep the cat in only one room or even better, an extra large plastic airline dog crate with its litter, food, water, a toy or two, and something to sleep on. With the crate method, the cat is safe but can see and interact with the resident cat through the door of the crate. If you use the crate method, let the cat out for awhile in one room by itself to exercise and explore. After the cat has been returned to the crate, let your resident cat(s) back into the room where the cat was so they can sniff around and get used to the cat's scent and presence. If you're using the separate room method, move the cat to a different room for awhile and let the resident cat come into the room where the cat previously was and let the cat sniff around. After awhile remove the resident cats and return the cat to the first room. I personally prefer the crate method because it allows for safe socialization between the resident cats and the cat 24/7. If the cat doesn't want to interact or if she's scared, she can hide in the back of the crate and feel safe.

After your new cat shows some confidence (comes to the front of the crate and shows interest in the world beyond the crate door) clip all cats claws and then let the cats meet each other while you supervise. Most likely there will be some hissing on both sides as each will be a bit afraid of the other. Generally then the cats will stay out of each others way at first, then gradually they form a truce or an understanding among them.


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What is it about girl cats? We've added numerous cats to the household without a big fuss. The boys usually will have a few times of hissing and swinging at each other then they work out a new pecking order. The girls on the other paw can continue fuming at certain cats for years. Of course make sure nobody gets hurt but I'd say give them some time. With cats it can sound worse than it is until they work it out.