sudden bratty behavior

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as i am unsure what else to call it red face

i adopted cosmo from the ASPCA a few months ago. he is 5 years old and all i know about his previous life is that he was rescued from a hoarder's house.

he is wonderful. so friendly and extremely affectionate (to the point where it's almost stalkerish...)

but i am noticing some worrying behavior. when i first got him, he would let me trim his front paw's nails, but hated anyone touching his back legs. ok, fine. but now he won't even let me touch his paws at all without clawing at me or trying to bite. ok, fine. so i get ready to take him to the groomers to get his nails trimmed and wow it was a FIGHT getting him into his sleepypod!

(yes, did i mention he's incredibly spoiled?)

he occasionally sleeps in it and hopped in willingly last time we went to the vet. this time he was acting like i was trying to boil him alive!

he hated the groomers, predictably, and was a little annoyed with me for about 5 minutes when we got back home - but then within an hour was nuzzling up to me and is even sleeping at my feet now.

what is with this (seemingly) bipolar behavior? are we moving backwards here? is he just getting more comfortable?

and more importantly, how do i encourage him to be more cooperative?

(it breaks my heart when he angrily meows at me as i'm trying to put him in his carrier!)