What does my cat trying to tell me?

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Purred: Mon May 5, '14 5:05am PST 
I am a bit confused to what Rice wants me to do when she brings her favorite felt ball on my bed. Since I play catch with her sometimes, I thought for the longest time that she wanted me to play catch. But then I notice that sometimes she doesn't want me to throw the ball as she retrieves then hugs the ball from my hand. She just wants the ball beside her and cuddles with me.

So what does the ball mean? Is it a signal for me to pet her or play? Maybe its a gift offering? Because if it is a signal for cuddle time and I've been throwing the ball away all this time, I feel kinda bad. This is a very silly but ongoing dilemma that I have. Hope to hear what you guys think

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Purred: Tue May 6, '14 8:41pm PST 
Shannara also brings her toys to me. (She talks to her toys, too). I throw it and she brings it back to me. After a couple of retrieves she doesn't bring it back any more, but stays with me. I think she just wants me to enjoy play time with her. Then most of the time she just settles down next to me, wanting to be close.

Maybe Rice just enjoys her ball to be next to her and wants you to enjoy the same contentment she feels.

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Probably both, depending on the time. If she is bringing it to you & lays down by you, then I think she is probably bringing to "share" with you & enjoy cuddle time. If she brings it, and is standing and alert and ready to go, then she probably wants to play. Mine will leave me a toy on my pillow sometimes. That is their way of showing love, to share with you. Rice sounds like a much loved kitty! wave


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I see! That's very helpful, I will know to read her body language from now on. Aww to hear that she wants to share with me make me very happy cloud 9 Thank you