Older Cat Peeing Everywhere for no Reason?

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I have a urinating issue with my 13 year old female Pootie that I'd love some suggestions on how to handle! She's recently started urinating in unwanted areas. We have 3 cats, one is her daughter, and the other joined us 5 years ago. They are all indoor only, and are spayed/neutered. We have 3 litterboxes all around 10 feet from each other in our lower basement level. We clean the boxes twice a day, scooping them completely.

We live in a split level, and she's started peeing all around the walls/corners in the lower split level, it's carpeted. Tried to clean it up but she keeps doing it. 6 More stairs and she'd be in the litter room. Also caught her peeing upstairs on our shoes by the front door. She peed on a broom that's 3 feet from the litterbox, on the hose to our dehumidifier 10 feet from another box. So I don't think it's a timing issue that she can't make it, she's peeing right by the box!

We've changed litter brands 3 times trying to see if that was the issue. [Pet supplies plus store brand, to Tidy cats pure nature, to Precious Cat Litter]. Installed a light in the basement in case she was scared of the dark, moved one box directly next to the stairs so she doesn't have to walk far to get to one. They are all open litterboxes, 2 have high sides and one is just a huge 24x36 plastic tote with low sides.

We've also taken her to the vet, and near $700 later, nothing is wrong with her, they took blood, urine, xrays, an ultrasound to check her organs, nothing, no diabetes, thyroid issues, UTI...nothing. He thinks maybe she's just going senile and forgets where the box is, but to me she seems fine in every other aspect. Behaviorally nothing has changed between the cats other than her urinating. They don't get along in general but they keep their distance. She plays like a kitten too! Vet says he would guess she's years younger than she actually is. We just can't figure out why she's doing this.

I've watched her pee, she has what I've noticed is called "elevator butt"...she starts in a squat, then shakes her tail crazily like a rattlesnake and slowly lifts until she's just peeing straight out of the box, no squat at all. I was thinking maybe joint pain but the way she plays the rest of the day you'd never know it!

I just don't want to have to isolate her in one room, I know she would cry all day and she's so social and active it would depress her. We're dumbfounded as to what else to try, has anybody had this issue and corrected it? The only other thing I can think of is to maybe try Cosequin to see if it's her joints/hips, or to get a covered litterbox and try to put it on our upper level, but we really don't have a great place to put the box that isn't in our main living area. Plus she would pee straight out of it!

Thoughts? hail

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It's Stella. The "elevator butt" move can be associated with territorial marking. Also could be clogged anal glands hurting--have those been cleared? We made a pan for our old Delyte out of a Rubbermaid tub with one low edge and the rest high, to catch the peeing because he could not squat well.

Generally the peeing all over is an attempt to get your attention. There is some kind of pain going on in this kitty's life, Try the arthritis medicine and see how that works.

Giant purrs to you from all of us! hug wave


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I agree with Stella; what you describe sounds more like "spraying" than urinating, so it could be a territorial thing. In addition to Stella's good suggestions, you might try a pheromone diffuser; it helps to keep the cat calm.

I know what a frustrating problem this is, and I wish you all the luck in the world in solving it.