Christmas Tree

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Kaylee &- Amelia

Snuggly Sisters!
Purred: Thu Dec 5, '13 9:09am PST 
How do I keep the gals from climbing the tree and batting at the ornaments? There's nothing fragile on it, but it's a fake tree and a little tipsy, so I don't want them to knock it over. Spraying them with water and making loud noises doesn't seem to work in the long-term, but it stops them briefly.



Sir Chirps-a-lot
Purred: Wed Jan 15, '14 10:59am PST 
late reply, but you can prepare for next year. pardon my lack of caps. cricket wants to be held like a baby in the burping position, so am limited to one hand.
if you drink sodas from a can, save a few, clean them out really well, and put rocks, beads, etc inside. seal up the sharp opening ( i used a hot glue gun and went nutsy kookoo) hang them at the bottom, near the trunk. the sound freaks them out, and drives them away. i also go to the dollar store, and pick up a couple packs of the bell decorations. big bells get hung around the base fairly evenly, and the bell garlands are strung all over the tree. my cat is weird, and he'll climb it eventually, but this year, he went a good couple of weeks before going "i can do this! *leap*"


Can we play??
Purred: Wed Jan 15, '14 12:52pm PST 
Problem solved! Look at Cookie's profile and scroll down to see a picture of what I made. Simple and fast too.

Here is a link of what it is made of. (Google: metal modular cube storage) http://www.globalindustrial.com/p/storage/lockers/ventilated/6-pack- modular-mesh-storage-cube-black-29w-x-14-1-2d-x-43h?infoParam.campai gnId=T9A&gclid=CNm0q6z_gLwCFUtgMgodtjMAuA

Look around for others in your local area. The other part is good old zip ties. (Connect two overlaping into one tall panel using three small clear zip ties. Make enough panels to encircle the tree. Mine is 11 panels to encircle my 66 inch wide tree against the wall. So a 6 cube unit has 23 shelves, one extra shelf, to make the 11 panels.) This is the second year I put it up. And when company comes I can simply fold it up and tuck it away.

I still get paws reaching into the fence for the ornaments ar the bottom, but it easy to rehang those unbreakable ornaments. And a few times someone got caged under the tree because they were sleep on the tree shirt. Oops! I did not mean to cage them in but my tree branch go to the floor.