Increasingly Antisocial Cat...Why?!

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Last year, a student of my mom's went for a walk, hugged a stray kitten, and the kitten followed him home. He couldn't keep him in the dorms, word got around to my mom and she brought him home. We totally fell in love with him.

He was pretty battered from life on the streets but super sweet and trusting. Within an hour of arriving at our house, he was purring, meow-ing and brushing up against us. We obviously decided to keep him.

He has been the PERFECT cat ever since. No scratching of furniture or people. Potty trained himself to go in the BATHROOM. Never spraying anything. He is actually the perfect cat. Except...he's become more and more antisocial.
We all ADORE him - maybe to the point where he's tired of it - but these days, he spends most of his day hiding from all of us. When we go to pet him or pick him up, he doesn't scratch or anything but tries with all his little might to get away.

We have taken to trying to leave him alone for most of the day, but it's sort of hard considering he is ridiculously adorable and I don't understand why such an affectionate kitten has turned so antisocial. Can anyone clarify, please?


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I think a visit to the vet is in order. Your cat may be sick or injured somehow. During the appointment, let the vet know the complete history, including the behavior. Good luck, and keep us posted! big hug


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I am going to agree with Benjamin in saying you should take him to the Vet. Seems like such a 360 to go from loving and affectionate to not wanting y'all around.