He's spraying! Help!

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Hiya folks. Huntys mom here. Hunty has a problem. He has sprayed twice in the last week. He is neutered. This is the 3rd time he has done this overall. I believe it's because he can see the stray cats outside. The vet did mention to put moth balls in socks around the house so the cats wouldn't be around. However I can't put moth balls around the neighborhood to try and eliminate all cats.

The vet also mentioned to put like plastic on the sliding door so Hunter can't see outside. I don't mind trying these methods but its almost like the vet wants me to block him from seeing outside. I'd feel horrible doing that to him.

Also Hunter has done this while I'm not home. So part of me thinks that it's sort of cat revenge because I'm not home during the day. Silly I know.

Do you guys have any suggestions? I don't want Hunter to be the type of cat to spray at all. Oh and I need cleaning suggestions. He sprayed on a recliner.

I will be calling and emailing his Vet. Since its a long weekend I just figure I'd ask here too.



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We don't have a lot of experience with spraying, but I think a pheromone product like Feliway might be helpful. It's supposed to make a kitty feel more secure in his territory. You could try a couple of strategically placed diffusers around the house.

Good luck! Keep us posted! hug


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Your vet is right....Hunty is marking his territory because he can see the cats. I have experience with this, with my Pickles. Blocking his view is smart and will make him comfortable and secure. Maybe putting another deterrent outside like a sprinkler that turns on when there's motion detected? Also, you'll have to clean those areas he's sprayed really well. Using a blacklight to see all the pee, and using a product that cleans up the pee like www.justrite.com I swear by this stuff! It's a 3 step cleaning system, and worth every penny! The guy that owns it is super helpful and gives great advice. He's not feeling secure in his territory and that's why he sprays. Hope this helps!


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There are any number of ways you can help Hunter. Pickles has already touched on a couple of them. Invest in a Feliway diffuser and put it in an outlet close to the patio door where he can see other cats. If there is a TNR (trap, neuter, return) program in your area, contact them to set out some traps. They will neuter those cats, then return them to the neighborhood, but being neutered, they will be much less likely to spray around your house. If Hunter is amenable to wearing a harness and walking on a leash, you might try taking him for walks around the neighborhood so he can feel more secure about his ownership of "his" neighborhood.

As for the stains and the smell, any good oxygenated cleaner works. Plain Oxi-Clean and hot water works. I'm partial to the Nature's Miracle Oxi-Clean type spray that's specifically for cat odors. It works like a charm on urine, feces, blood, and all sorts of other organic pet stains and odors.

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Ahhhh so he sprayed in my room!!! Anyway, before I get into that. My mother decided to go to petsmart and talk to a lady about it. I personally don't get advise from store clerks but whatever. Since I haven't really been home for about 3 days the lady said that Hunter is spraying because he has separation anxiety. He is very close to me but he has never sprayed before. This is relatively new for him. The store clerk also said that maybe his anal glands need to be expressed. I thought anal glands express themselves when a cat poops. Maybe I'm wrong.

So yes, he sprayed in my bedroom. I walked in and was like OMG what the hell is that smell. I cleaned his litter box and something still stunk! So I was crawling on all fours in my room and found it. He sprayed on a baby swing I have and a couple old purses. I threw the purses away (luckily I keep my good ones in the closet) and threw the fabric of the swing in the wash. Hopefully it comes out. Here is my dillema; there are two spots on my carpet. I want to order that stuff at www.justrite.com. But I can't just leave the smell there. Do you guys think Natures Miracle would get it out in the meantime? I will try any tips and tricks to get it out. I am so calling the vet tomorrow.

I really need some support about this. Stuff like this stresses me out. cry

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Alright, so I called the vet this morning. Luckily he doesn't need to see them. They do want a urine sample, which i'll get into later. She asked me what has changed in my household. I did mention how I haven't been home all that much in about 4 days, and that there has been a lot of stress the past few weeks. She said that will do it. I was shocked. I've been focused so much on preventing him from seeing the outside cats, that I didn't realize all the stress has gotten to him too. Hes more sensitive than I though. She also mentioned that because I havent been home, he probably feels as though I abdandoned him. He isn't secure in his surrounds from the stress, lack of me being there, so he is spraying. Oh and the outside cats don't help.

I was home last night, and he was so good. He slept with me all night long, right up against my face. This morning, he looked exhausted. He layed in the hall facing my doorway so he could see me. Then he ran up his cat tree and slept while I got ready for work. All of this together makes complete sense to me. (Please someone tell me if you this this is all crap and if there is anything else I need to evaluate)

Unfortunately I can't be home all the time. I do work full time. And on the weekends I do go out. So I'm going to try to have a routine with Hunter. I bought his favorite toy online today. I actually got 2, one for a back-up. I will come home and relax for a while, eat dinner, then play with him until I go to bed. I have sort of been neglecting him. Anyway...

What I have done to try and revent him from spraying:

Bought a black light and... holy crap! This is self explanitory
Purchased Natures Miracle with Oxy - no more smell! smile
bought 2 toys to distract and bond with him again.
purchased frosted glass application for sliding glass door.
will purchase feliway diffusers to put around the house.
Try to make his home as peaceful and as pleasant as possible.

I will update this in a few days and let you know how its going... My poor Hunty. Like mother like son I guess. I'm one giant stress ball. red face


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Poor Hunty! I hope he feels better soon! hug

As far as the Feliway diffusers, I can tell you that if you buy the Comfort Zone with Feliway, there is usually a coupon inside for $5 off the next one. If you plan on getting more than one, buy them one at a time so you can use the coupon.
way to go

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Amazon or KV Vet Supply has them cheaper than Petco - even with the $5 off. I just got a Feliway refil for $15.

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So a little update. It's been a few days since I last posted and Hunter has not sprayed all week!! big grin I haven't done anything differently, I've just been home more. I did put sticky paper on the sliding door so he couldn't see out, but he didn't like that so much. So hunter took it upon himself to take it down. meditate His favorite toy came in yesterday and you could tell that he was so happy! I honestly don't know what I did, but he is doing great!

Thank you all for the support. I really appreciate it. big hug