Inappropriate urination

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My two years old tabby/coon has had an issue with peeing on my couch since I moved last year. It was only once every few months, so I cleaned the couch with vinegar, peroxide and baking soda whenever it happened. He would then go a week straight peeing on the couch everyday in the morning. Then he'd stop again. I brought him to the vet several times and they always told me he was fine, no blockage, no UTI, nothing. The strange thing is, he still uses his litter box during the day, it's only once in the morning that he will pee and that's it. Recently, I found a five-week-old kitten near my office and brought it home since the SPCA is full. The first two weeks, while the kitten was in quarantine in my bathroom, he was fine. I moved the kitten to my kitchen (he's been de-wormed, so the vet said it was ok to allow him into a bigger area to introduce him to the others) and everyday since Shiloh has peed on the couch in the morning. I have tried the sprays you can get in pet stores to get rid of the smell, since I thought maybe even though I couldn't smell anything after cleaning, he could. It made him pee more! I have tried tinfoil (he doesn't care), citrus smells, you name it! I have three litter boxes in the house (two that he currently has access to) and they are cleaned everyday. The boxes are only about a year old (bought new ones when I moved) and I use non-scented litter. One of the litter boxes is even right next to the couch, literally two feet from where he usually pees. He doesn't pee in the exact same spot either. I'll clean one spot, then the next morning, he'll have peed a few inches over from the previous day. He is neutered. I thought maybe it was stress from the kitten being in the house, but since he was doing it even before that, I'm not sure. I'm at my wit's end. I would never get rid of him for something as benign as inappropriate urination, but guests no longer want to come over since its the only place to sit in my house and they feel (no matter how much its cleaned) that its dirty to sit on. Help!


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If this started with a move, then it's probably anxiety related--related in some what to territorial insecurity. I make no promises that what I'm about to suggest will work, but I hope this gives you some ideas.
1. Stick a Feliway diffuser in an outlet close to the couch. The pheromones can have a calming effect on a cat and help end such behaviors.
2. Play with him really strenuously, just get him as tired as you can. About 15 minutes at a time will probably do the trick. If he's that tired, he won't have the energy to be insecure.
3. Take him for walks outside if he'll let you. It might take him awhile to get used to a harness and leash, but if you can get him outside, he can start to feel confident about his territory. Let him stop, drop, and roll (I call them Iba's fire drills) so he can rub his scent around. With a cat like this, I'd even be pretty happy if he sprayed somewhere outside to really mark his territory.
4. Speaking of outside issues....Is it possible that there are feral cats or other "threats" outside of your new house that your cat is reacting to? If so, dealing with those may help resolved the problem. You can try setting out traps and seeing if you catch anything or you can get motion detecting sprinklers that will spray water on anything that comes within range and scare animals away from your cat's territory.

That's all I've got. I highly recommend play, walks, and Feliway. They've worked wonders with my anxious (though not inappropriately eliminating) cat. But I'd definitely think about playing detective and seeing if there's some animal outside he views as a threat.


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Hi there.

I'm on the third floor of my building, so there are no other cats around, it got worse when I brought home a kitten I found. He was fine when I originally moved. It wasn't until about six months later that the spontaneous urination would happen. But since the kitten, he's done it everyday. I have the diffuser and both my boys are actually allergic to it O_O It makes them sneeze and cough to come into any room the diffuser is plugged in. He's actually afraid to go outside, so I'm afraid walks would just stress him out more. It's just strange because he only does this once a day, then uses his litter box to pee the rest of the day.


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Ok, so I like the advice you've gotten thus far....I dealt with improper urination issues with Pickles. Yes, cat anxieties....I know you said that you live on the third floor, but there's a good chance another lived there before you. Getting a black light to check for other areas where there's pee- along baseboards, walls, corners, etc. Cats are very territorial, which leads me to the kitten. Shiloh is marking his territory because of the kitten, and that's why he still uses the litter box. He's marking your home as his. You will have to break his cycle of peeing on the couch....first clean all the areas he's peed. Just Rite cleaning products are great! A three step cleaning process that eliminates all odor. www.justrite.com Use the black light to scope out all of it. Limiting his access to the couch. It's all about changing his habits. After the couch is thoroughly clean and dry, use Feliway spray to mist over the area. It's hard to say how he'll adjust to the kitten. He might not. Many cats are loners and can't be introduced to new cats in the household. My PIckles is that way. If all else fails, ask your vet about Prozac. I know, weird...but it's worked wonders with my girl. It's cheap, and you can get the generic at Target for $4 a month. Well there you go....Good luck! meditate