Post Vet Trip Woes: Siblings Attack

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I have two cats, a 4 yr brother and sister duo. They are really great though boy can be fiesty at times at some people if they "irk" him. 
Ok so...
A week ago the girl received surgery on her small intestines and now has stiches down her entire underside. She has to wear a cone around her head for what has now been 1 of 2 weeks. She and her brother (same litter) have not gotten along since she got back from the vet. I have been keeping them separate as per the vets instructions, as long as she has on her bandages and the cone over her head. If they come into close contact they hiss and growl at each other. Last night I tried to bring them within a relatively close proximity to let them smell and get used to one another again. It went ok for a minute until the boy freaked out and really tried go all out after His sister, who was in my arms. They BOTH clawed me up something fierce and my boyfriend had to help spilt the two of them, because it looked like he was really trying to get after and hurt her. It was scary. I'm afraid they won't ever get along as great as they used to. I know that vet trips can make them act up towards one another and it had in the past. But never this bad. I think it may partly have to do with the cone that is still around the girl's head. Thoughts?