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Quick question: after Zelda's recent stay in the vet (lily ingestion -- not to worry, she's a-ok!), when the vet called to update us, they mentioned her being "fractious". When we went to visit her, there were "Danger!" and "Muzzle!" stickers on her chart. This completely befuddled me, as I have one of the sweetest, most social fuzzballs ever. Seriously -- when I get home, she runs up to me, stands up on her hind legs and wants to be held. Every person that meets her can't believe how much she loves to be handled and how much she loves to be around people.

Is it normal for cats to go "Mr Hyde" at the vet, specifically in stressful situations? Sounds like an obvious question, but the way they described her demeanor at the ER vet, it sounded like she was a beast! She even got a cut on her lip from fighting with the e-collar.

She's been to the vet several times for routine things. Her regular vet called her, and I quote, "a total softy".

Is there anything I could or should be doing to prevent her from acting like this in the future or is this just a reaction to the "emergency" situation she was in?

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

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It happens to lots of cats smile Nice and quiet at home but fractious at the vet's office. It's just from being stressed out. The situation the cat is in (like an emergency vs a regular visit) can also cause a cat to be all claws and teeth.

I didn't like the regular vet at all shrug I guess she was a nice person but I just didn't like her and made my feeelings known on more than one occasion, mol laugh out loud Human later took me to a different vet but I didn't like him much either. But I liked the dental vet for some reason thinkingshrug


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Ha! Thanks, Merlin!

I felt really bad at first and the vet said he's used to it, not to worry. They did have to trim her claws during her stay because she scratched a few technicians. I almost wish they had videotaped it because I've never seen her even remotely HISS at something. I guess I've also never tried to put an IV and a catheter in her either, so maybe that brings out the worst in all of us.



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Yeah...there's just something about the vet that can bring out the worst in cats--especially in emergency situations or when they are in pain. My Iba dude is a total sweet heart, but he had a hellacious UTI and when I took him to the vet, she was doing her physical exam and he was fine until she started poking around his bladder and he nearly bit the vet tech. Gave us a pretty good indication of what his problem was.