Older cat is too in love with me?

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Purred: Fri Jun 21, '13 12:20am PST 
So my cat Totchi is 13, old man, but totally healthy save for a thyroid condition that needs monitoring but not treatment. He gets a checkup every month, so I know his health is fine.

My health took a turn for the worse back in January and I was bed ridden for about three months, in that time Totchi was on my bed curled up right next to me pretty much 24/7. I figured it was because he was worried about me, and thought it was super sweet but didnt think much more about it.

Flash forward to now and my health is fine so I don't spend as much time in my bed as I used to, however when I AM in the bed he literally won't leave me alone. He grabs my hand or arm constantly and won't stop tapping me until he gets pet (claws out). He crawls up and on my chest and licks me all over, again, until he gets pet.
This would be all well and good I guess but he keeps doing it after I turn the lights out and try to go to sleep. I literally can not sleep with him in my room anymore because he wants me awake and paying attention to him any time I'm in my bed.
The other problem is I'm a writer so I do a lot of writing on my laptop IN BED,it's always been my habit and he always used to lay at my feet and sleep but now, nope, he comes and lays right on the mouse or on the keyboard and I have to keep pushing him off my arm/the laptop/the mouse because he keeps creeping back over to be AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE.

As I'm typing this he's laying on my right arm/mouse hand. He's just become SO NEEDY. He's always been a really loving cat and he's always liked when people pet him, but he's become so attached to me that I end up getting really peeved at him because I cant sleep or work but like, I can't BE mad at him for loving me so I just kinda have to work around it and thats not working well at all.

I live with one other person and I just wish he'd go back to spending time with her too instead of just me, but no matter how much I encourage it no sooner I go in my bedroom he's BAM there. Does anyone have any advice on how to I guess, make him less attached to me? We have 5 cats, so it's not a lack of friendship, and he's 13 so he doesn't really play much. All he wants is to be CLOSE and to be pet like 24/7.

The weirdest part is when I go away for a weekend or something he's totally fine with the other person and goes back to normal, but no sooner I get home, he starts it all over again. I mainly care because closing him out at night so I can sleep closes ALL the cats out, and it's not fair to the other guys to punish them because he won't let me sleep, ya know? Ugh, too much love XD


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Sounds like he has appointed himself your caretaker! Can you try to distract him with a toy or some catnip?