Cat Suddenly Bullies My Other Cat?

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Ninjas Afoot!
Purred: Wed May 15, '13 1:54pm PST 
I have three cats, for the most part, all their years together have been peaceful. Just a few slaps here and there.
Well about a month ago my husband and I had to stay in a hotel (he is a hotel manager) for about a week, I still visited the cats everyday and they seemed to be doing fine with it. However since then my youngest cat, Jak-ke (2 years old) has started suddenly jumping on Tao (almost 6 years old) and making her scream and run for cover.
I can tell when Jak-ke is about to do this because she gets a focused angry look and quickly sprints towards Tao. I am worried because I know what can happen if this gets worse. I had a cat years ago that had to be rehomed because the other cats suddenly started attacking her, she lost all confidence and could not enjoy life. I am afraid that will happen to Tao. I could not imagine parting with any of my cats.
Any tips on stopping Jak-ke and/or building Tao's confidence to hold her own?

Let me know if more information in needed, I will try me best to give it.