She's sweet, she's hated...why?

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We took in a lovable female cat, into a family of 6 others. Most of the other cats hate her with a passion and stalk her and pounce her and she is so frightened if we aren't around to curtail their behavior she won't eat or come out of hiding.
It breaks our heart but at the same time wonder what is going on that could cause such CRUELTY.
What can we do? Help!


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She has no confidence, obviously, and the other cats view her as an invader in their turf. Try to set up one room that's just for her--food, water, kitty box, toys. Let her get familiar with her room, and spend some time with her playing to try to help boost her confidence. Then, start feeding her and one of the other cats (I'm sure there's a ring leader--I'd start there) on opposite sides of the door, bringing their plates closer and closer to the door. Then replace the door with a baby gate--probably with a towel over it at first so they can't see each other, but can smell each other more easily. It will take a little time for everyone to settle down, but food is always a good first place to start. If you have a chance, catch some "My Cat from Hell" on Saturday nights on Animal Planet. Our old buddy Jackson Galaxy has a lot of good suggestions for kitty turf wars.