no sleep for you

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Purred: Wed May 1, '13 3:21pm PST 
so our cat bear has been coming into our room at 6 am to meow and stomp around on us getting up and playing with him doesnt work he gets bored after 5 mins of playing he doesnt want to snuggle he just lays and gets back up again i used to get up and feed him and go back to bed that was only a short fix now he comes in meows in our faces my b/f has had it with bear he doesnt get any sleep but he says the cats just being a jerk lol but its not his fault. bear has a clean bill of health he has a little cat anxity at night he can just push the door open when its shut or he justs meows outside the door. i played with bear an hour before bed time take him for a walk we live in a condo and put some food out before bed. i went to the store and picked up Whisker City™ Calm Down™ for his sister leela who can get really grumpy at times. ive started to do a whole new bed time with bear walk,play,snuggl, food and then i we go to bed. last night we got to sleep but bear came in at 6 am and he just layed on the bed. who ever says cats are easyer then dogs must be a tad nuts. does anyone have an other tips we can try and bear isnt a big fan of toys with bells or feathers, he got into my craft box and stole my pipe cleaners cat on moon