Sphinx vs. Flat screen

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Our Sphinx cat climbs on top of the flat screen, it's an attention thing and she only does it when we're around (e.g. when we're watching TV or eating dinner). Usually when she does something like that we ignore 'bad' behavior and praise the good and it has always worked. With the TV however we can't ignore it, because she's going to kill it confused. She has a cat tree and wall mounting the TV is not an option.

We've tried tape, air cans, lots of play time before 'down' time and unfortunately yelling. I'm afraid she's learned that when she gets on top of the TV, eventually someone will get out the laser light and play with her... Anyone any ideas to get out of this cycle? We're getting desperate.

I should also mention that I have never seen this little kitty scared of anything. She lives in an interesting world where loud noises, cat repellents, animals, crowds of strangers and even the vet are wonderful adventures. And as much as we adore her and she can keep us entertained for hours, we would like to keep our TV wink

Thanks a lot!smile