lease walking

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bed- Snatchers

we steal bed- space.
Purred: Tue Apr 30, '13 2:59pm PST 
has anyone tried it?
two of my cats (ages 5 and 2) seem to really interested in going outside..
both have already managed to escape the apartment in the past.

the area we live in is pretty busy cars wise area- but it is usually more busy in the regular rush hour times, and there are alot of dogs but i have never seen any not on a lease, i have seen cats walk around alone and they all had collars on, in addition there is a small fairly secluded, garden a few minutes walk from my apartment.

do those sound like good conditions to take a cat out?
i feel as if they are very bored at home, i am a full time student so i don't have the option of giving as much attention as in the past, plus we live in a pretty small apartment and they share it with 3 other cats (total of 5) so it is hard to keep them all happily active.