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My cat Bobby is scared of ceiling fans. I got two ceiling fans last summer - one in my bedroom and one in the livingroom. He spent the entire summer in my kitchen where there is no fan. But in the winter with no fans on he is all over the house. It's getting warm out here in CA so as Bobby was snoozing on my livingroom couch today I turned the ceiling fan on low and he immediately woke up, looked up at the fan, and made a beeline for the kitchen. He came from a feral colony originally so my thought is he might have been bothered there by some vultures and thinks the fans are birds. Any thoughts?
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I'm not sure exactly what to tell you other than to try some positive association. When he's comfortable in the living room, bring him some food (a favorite treat, extra canned food, whatever). Turn on the fan and immediately offer him the food so that he can start to associate the fan with good things. If he has a favorite toy, that might also work. If he gets really, really into play, it will help distract him from the fan. If he was formerly feral, this might take quite some time, but if you can make him associate the fan with food or play, hopefully eventually you'll see some results.