After cat sitting, 2 of our 4 cats fighting really bad, what to do?

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We were cat sitting for a couple days. The cat hid the whole time and our cats (we have 4 males, they always get along!) never saw her. After she left, our one cat was looking around where she was. Another one of our cats, came up behind him and spooked him and a huge fight broke out. And I mean huge. We had to separate them. We keep trying to reintroduce them but we can't even get them remotely close without them growling and hissing and a huge fight ensuing. This all started yesterday morning. And the oddest thing, they don't care about our other 2 cats at all. They are fine with them. The 2 that are fighting are brothers we have had for 6 years, since they were kittens. Nothing like this has ever happened before. Please help! We have no idea what to do.


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Maybe they feel their space is compromised and they are being territorial over the female scent. Try playing with them both in the same room, then cuddles, then food. It doesn't have to be in that same order but it will show them good things happen when they are in the room together. Keep doing it. It's not going to be easy... and there are other techniques to help too. But just my suggestion.