baby getting into garbage can

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Purred: Fri Apr 19, '13 4:28pm PST 
ever since ive been throwing her empty cans of food into the laundry room shes been getting into it just about everyday i do rinse out the cans so they dont leave a smell but she still knocks over the garbage i dont know what else to do i hacve to clean up everyday we only started giving her can cat food a month ago because she stopped eating dry food she is thirteen yrs old

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Purred: Sat Apr 20, '13 5:15am PST 
Put the rinsed emtpy cans in a cabinet the cat can't get into smile On trash day just remember to take the cans out. The cans are recylcable so maybe get a plastic box and put all your recycables in there and keep the box in a cabinet. If you don't have a cabinet, get a box with a locking lid. The box will smell like cat food and stuff every time the lid is opened though shrug Maybe put a box of baking soda or put an air freshener thing in the box. Or if you're handy, poke a few holes in the lid to allow air circulation.

If you just want the trash can, maybe put a heavy object at the bottom of the current trash can to prevent it from being tipped over. Or buy a new heavier trash can with a secure lid and put something heavy at the bottom.

There are trash can that have one side for trash and one side for recylcables. It might be a good replacment for the current trash can if you want to keep everything together so you don't forget stuff on trash day. Simple Human makes some smile They also make trash cans with lockng lids to keep pets and kids out smile