Deliberate targeted urination

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Delyte, Dark- Angel, at- Bridge

Me and my- person, together- against all
Purred: Thu Apr 18, '13 7:39pm PST 
This is Delyte's person. I'm too mad at him to let him write! For the last three weeks he has been peeing next to the pan, only when I am in the bathroom and can see him. Last night he actually waited until I turned around and then squatted.

We went to the vet last week and although there was only the tiniest sign of a UTI, they gave him an antibiotic shot with some steroids. He continued it for two more days and then stopped and went for 6 days without incident. Tues. he went back to the vet for another shot and got some subq fluids. He was fine until last night, 36 hours after leaving vet. He is also using the pan correctly 3-4 times a day and emptying his bowels there.

He will be 18 in less than 2 weeks and has advanced kidney disease, hyperthyroid, arthritis and bad teeth. I don't want to put him through any extensive treatments or tests as he is very thin and his heart beats so quickly when he gets frightened. He can't be given any meds by mouth as he has a very sensitive stomach due to some surgery 7 years ago. He gets his thyroid meds rubbed on his ears.

He may be in pain but he does not act like it at all, and can leap like a gazelle when he wants to. His appetite is huge and he enjoys food immensely. He doesn't interact with the other cats much and has pushed off the girl cat who is in love with him and they don't cuddle any more. He occasionally gets in bed with me but not much.

So is this a behavior issue? I debated as to putting this here or in Senior Cats. He seems like he hates me--he glares at me so when he is doing it. Is he in so much pain that we should think about sending him to the Bridge? I thought if his appetite fails that would be it, but it has never lagged, He eats more than the other 3 cats combined. But his weight is falling to skeletal proportions and the vet is not sure if he is absorbing enough meds through his ears. I am doubling that for now.

The only thing that he has that is painful is his arthritis--most of his teeth are gone but no signs of infection. I well know how painful arthritis is, but we don't see how we can medicate him for pain given his gastric problem. Or we can medicate him and if he stops eating and sleeps all the time, then is that the time for him to go to Bridge? With the other cats it was very clear, as their kidneys stopped working, but his are actually a little better than last year. He is such a tough cat! But it would be a lot easier for me to admire him if I weren't struggling to clean the carpet every day--which since I cannot bend over is a big challenge.

Any advice?