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Xena is destroying my sofa

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They call me- Last Cat, now- why is that?
Purred: Mon Apr 1, '13 6:10am PST 
I have tried everything, double sided tape, water bottle, physically removing her and bringing her to her scratching pole, trimming her nails once a week, soft claws, nothing is working.

I can hear in behind the couch just clawing away. Getting her declawed is not an option as I feel that is just too cruel.

We are planning on getting a new couch this year but I want this problem fixed first. Any tips?

Miss Tiny- Burr Burr

Love and adore.
Purred: Mon Apr 1, '13 9:29am PST 
is something making her stressed in that area? fighting with old/new pets? new family member? cats outside? different smells?

you could try moving the couch and putting a post in the spot the couch use to be. you could try feliway spray.some people have luck with it. why didnt the nailcaps work?


It's all about- me.
Purred: Mon Apr 1, '13 1:50pm PST 
My cats used to scratch the living room chairs until I put scratching posts next to each one. One is vertical, the other lies flat on the floor. They also have a big cat tree in the breakfast room with scratching surfaces on it. Now they rarely touch the chairs.


They call me- Last Cat, now- why is that?
Purred: Mon Apr 1, '13 2:01pm PST 
The soft caps worked fine but when they came off she had trouble with 2 of them coming off and hurt her toe so I haven't used them again. I guess I will try more posts.