Stubborn Kitty

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frown If you saw Felicia you would think she was a starved neglected cat. But she's doing it to herself. before we adopted our second dog she was not a happy cat to begin with. We adopted her as an older hard to place kitty. After settling in with us we discovered she dislikes dogs, other cats, not too thrilled about most people and quite vocal about how sucky her world is...quite alright we've had our share of cranky cats.

The problem began after we adopted Callie, a rather mild mannered AmBull. She now stays in the basement-this has been going on for months now. She will stand at the top of the stairs-there is a gate closing off the steps and landing. Callie will sit on one side, tail wagging and Felicia will yowl and growl her feelings about life. But she won't come in the kitchen.

She used to scream at our other dog Sophie who just ignored her, but Callie came face to face with her soon after moving in. I'm sure in dog language he was just telling her to shut up, but now she won't be anywhere near him. She just stays in the basement complaining and plucking out her fur.

When I go down to feed her or pet her for awhile she's purring and happy. She's not alone down there. We have six other cats that travel over the fence day and night. But the other cats don't have an issue with the dogs and get along with each other. Some of them share sleeping space with the dogs and groom them too.

I guess short of rehoming her to an only cat household there isn't too much I can really do right? I wouldn't do that, first of all nobody would want to adopt a testy, middle aged, half bald cat...but I do love her and one on one she has a sweet side. She eats fine and she's healthy...just stubborn I guessshrug


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Your Felicia sounds a lot like a cat named Stinky that I used to have. Stinky was just a jerk, and liked no one...on occasion he would be loving to me, when he felt like it. But in general, he was just a mean, ornery old fart. I had him when I married my husband and he would jump next to him on the couch, let him pet him and then he would sink his teeth into his arm...not right away, and with no warning. When we had a baby, it broke my heart, I had to give him to my ex boyfriend.....it had been his cat too, so it was not that traumatic, because Stinky tried to hurt the baby. Grant, my ex, just put up with his moodiness and learned to accept him the way he was. When he was about 10, Grant started letting Stinky go outside, and that seemed to cheer him up a little. Your girl just sounds like my feisty old Stinky. NO ONE loved that stupid cat except me and Grant. Every one else despised him. But Grant and I had picked Stinky out of the pound, he was only about 3 months old, feral, wild as all get out, and we knew that he would be euthanized if we didn't take him, so we did, knowing he would likely never be a loving cat. We just accepted him as he was, the jerk that he was, and loved him when he let us....those rare, but precious moments. I think I would just make the best of it and like you said, who would want this ornery middle aged half balding cat? She doesn't know it, but she is darned lucky to have you, because no one else would probably want her grouchy butt. Just love her when she lets you, and make the best of it, and let her turn into a grouchy old lady. Don't stress over her attitude and just accept her as she is. That is what would do anyway. You are a great person to love and keep this curmudgeon....and she may not show it, but she is lucky to have you in her life.


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Has she been to the vet lately? If she's losing weight and pulling out her fur, it could be as much due to a health issue as stress, especially if she's an older kitty. And the vet might be able to advise you on ways of relieving her anxiety.