Traumatized kitty

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Purred: Sat Mar 30, '13 11:42am PST 
This morning my baby Elvis got his leg stuck (he is usually a bully to one of the other cats) and was limping around the house. The cat that he typically is a bully to, Dee, saw his injury as a time to go after him. This caused a kitty kerfluffle with screaming, hissing and going after one another. They were separated and I stepped in to remove Elvis as he was walking/running away. As I lifted him, Dee tried to get him in my arms. It was insane and got all the kitties riled up.

My little girl Moose, who is easily startled, bolted into the basement and hid. We couldn't find her for over an hour but we eventually did. We needed to remove her from her hiding spot due to it being unsafe (on top of fiberglass insulation which we thought was blocked off). I ended up bringing her upstairs while my husband secured the fiberglass area. She was shaking and sitting in one spot. We put he other kitties away and let her have free reign of the upstairs. She ate her meal but then went to hide in a bedroom. She continues to hide at this point and isn't coming out for treats or pets and she is typically a loving cat.

Should I call the vet to see what they suggest? Is there anything I can do to help her? I've dealt with nervous kitties before but never to this extent. Please help! How can I help my princess?

**Not sure if this belongs in the cat health section**