Help! I keep getting my collar stuck in my mouth!

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Chloe Jane

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Purred: Wed Aug 31, '05 1:48pm PST 
My mom says that I'm almost 3 months old and it's time to start learning to wear a collar with an ID, even though I don't go out. We live in the woods and there are a lot of cats around so she doesn't want me to escape and get lost. My problem, I hate the thing! I keep trying to bite the collar off and it gets stuck in my mouth. My mom's afraid I am going to strangle myself - and frankly, so am I. She only puts the collar on me for short amounts of time, while she's watching me - but I still hate it. She also bought me a harness to see if I can get used to that instead, but guess what, I hate that too. And now I want to eat my ID tag. Am I too young? Or should I just keep trying to get used to it? I go crazy when it's on - and then my jaw gets stuck with the collar in my mouth. It's a breakaway collar - and she has it on tightly (not too tight), but it still stinks. Any help for my mom? Thanks in advance!!


Purred: Thu Sep 1, '05 9:48am PST 
I would say your collar is too big or too loose, but if you say your meowmie has it on tight, then I don't know what to tell ya. My Cooper is around 6-7 months old now and he still can not wear the ones I buy for my grown cats. I get them as tight as they will go and put them on him and he still gets his bottom jaw stuck in it trying to get it off. I would suggest going to a specialty store like Petsmart and getting a small sized one for a kitten, not just a regular cat collar, if that's what you have. But, then again, I get so scared every time I put my cats collars on thinking I'm getting them too tight. Maybe someone else can put their input in.

Princess- Christine

Purred: Thu Sep 1, '05 10:38am PST 
I got mine stuck in my mouth the other day too!! I don't like it either, but everyone says I look so pretty in my purple collar. I'm about 6 months old so it SHOULD fit me now, but I still get out of it. I don't know why the break-away collars don't actually break away when they get stuck in our mouths like that! It scared me- I thought it was going to break my teeth. I think maybe a harness would be best (not that we'd like it any better, but it might stay on).


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Purred: Thu Sep 1, '05 12:45pm PST 
Since I am a deaf cat, my person makes me wear a very noticable collar. It has rhinestones. The general rule you hear about collars is that you should be able to get two fingers under the collar, but that is too loose for kittens and young cats. My person has found that if she can get one finger that is usually fine. If you are getting it in your mouth it sounds like it is definantly too loose. Good luck wearing a collar takes a little getting used to, but soon you won't know it is on at all.


Mommy's Handsome- Boy
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I started wearing a collar when I was 2 months old, and within a day, I didn't even know I had it on! My mom got me a 5-8 inch collar, the kind with the holes and buckle and put it on the smallest hole. Even though I can now where it on the last hole, the 8-10 inch breakaway collar I have is too big. Mom says I am just too small for breakaways because it loosens itself too much. My collar isn't breakaway, but it does have a small piece of elastic that will stretch somewhat. Hope this helps.

Chloe Jane

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Purred: Fri Sep 2, '05 9:07am PST 
My mom says thanks to everyone for their responses and ideas! (I say - read my diary entry from Sept. 2 - ugh.)

Shyla RIP

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Purred: Fri Sep 2, '05 10:46am PST 
We had the same issue. I litterally "flipped out" when the collar was put on. And I would work and work till I got it in my mouth, then I would panic.
Mom always said any pet she had would wear a collar... but that's before she had me. So we compromise, I wear a harness when I go in the car, or to the vet or on the leash outside. But otherwise, I'm naked. Oh, but Mom did insist I become microchipped.
Meow for now, >"< Shyla


Mhari the little- Princess
Purred: Fri Sep 2, '05 9:58pm PST 
My brother and I are totally inside kitties but we didn't come to live with cat-mom & dad until we were 18 months old....and we'd never worn collars. So cat-mom bought collars and put them on us, but we freaked out. I worked and worked to get it off until I got it stuck between my jaws, too....and then it took cat mom forever to catch me as I ran amuck all over the house. By then, my mouth was bleeding. My brother completely froze when she put one on him. He would not move at all, just like a statue. So we do not wear collars. We just refuse to wear them.

I would suggest getting micro-chipped. Even if you wear a collar, it can become hooked on something while you're out romping (unless it's a breakaway and I'm not sure those always work), or it could come off. With microchipping, you do not have to worry about this. It's a suggestion.
A harness is another option, but again, you could get it caught on something while you're out and then be in danger. If you have to go out .... and you aren't able to adjust to wearing a collar....then chipping is probably the best. Good luck


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Hey Chloe Jane
I use to bite my collar off to.At first it wa sbecause it was not tight so I could get it in my mouth.Then I still could get it off.So my mom got me a scrunchy looking one with a cute bow it was a safty collar but I could not bite it off and I did not try and she put one of those new ID tubes on it.Hope that helped.I am wearing it in my picture with my blue birthday hat.Love Milton