Optibalance tinctures have helped our cats

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I wanted to post a testimonial about OptiBalancePet Formulas, which are natural tinctures developed by a friend of mine for pets.

We have two cats, a black-and-white who is very needy and easily stressed and acts out with peeing and pooping when he's super stressed, and a Chausie who is super smart but can be very aggressive (downright violent at unpredictable times).

I tried the Agression formula on the Chausie and the Stress and Trauma formula for the b;ack and white, and gave them two drops a day for three weeks (the Chausie liked the Aggression one so much he eagerly licked it off the spoon).

I definitely saw a change in both of them, and they've been pretty mellow and behaved since then (it's been a month since I stopped).

I also have Separation formula for when we have to travel for a week later this year, but we still have most of the other formulas left, so I think it's a great value. I recommend OptiBalancePet highly!

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