Males and Females and who they like better?!

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The Jewel is in- the Lotus
Purred: Mon Mar 4, '13 7:01pm PST 
So I have just recently noticed that Padmé doesn't come to me. She doesn't run away when I come near or slink away from me when I go to pet her, she's not afraid of me. I've just always thought she was a more to-herself type of cat, which she mostly is. She's always been more of my boyfriend's cat. She doesn't really stick close to him, but she'll come when he calls, he can hold her like a baby, she head-butts his face. I thought she just loved Corey and that was it! No one else!
But a funny thing happened the other day. My boyfriends friend came over and sat down. I watched as she jumped up into the friends lap and laid down. He scratched her on the head and she head butted his hand. Affection!
I rarely get affection from this girl and I'm the only one that feeds her, puts fresh water out and cleans her litter box. The most that I ever get out of her is a look and a soft mew, in which I'll pat her on the head and then she runs off.

I've noticed with my dog...she prefers sitting with males over females. She'll even sit with a male over me. She's my dog, I take care of her, give her all her loves! She loves me and I know it. She's always with me (psychiatric SD) but when we go to a friends house, or friends come here she's always with a male! If I go over to my mom's, she'll go and sit with my step-dad or my step-brother. (If I do leave the room, she will get up and follow me)

Now finally, the stray cat I found a couple days ago. He followed me to my apartment door and when I left him outside (thinking he'd go back home) after he insistently scratched at me door and wouldn't stop meowing I let him in. He's slowly warming up to only me. Today he came up and head-butted/purred my face and then laid down on my stomach and kneaded. He won't really go near my boyfriend or male friends. I haven't had any females over yet, so I don't know if it's just me.

I understand that it probably has to do with hormones and scents and pheromones and deeper things, but have any of you experienced any of these things?
I know I can't be the only one!
I'd love to read some stories!
and I must apologize for the long post!


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I've also noticed this with my kitten. She rather come to me and my dad than any other of the people in the house. Other than me and my dad it's mostly a house full of girls, haha. When my sister's boyfriend came over for Thanksgiving and Christmas, my kitten was all over him. I always figured it's because I had found her so tiny and she had gotten so used to me that she prefers to be around males.