How can I get my cat to use his new cat bed?

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My cat is adorable! He loves to sleep with me and my husband at night. He curls up to me and cuddles my stomach or legs. It really is sweet, but it keeps me up all night because I'm afraid of rolling over and crushing him! So I spend $30 and bought him a nice cat bed. I figured sleeping there would come naturally to him, since he'll often cuddle up in boxes or make forts with blankets. However, I haven't been able to get him to even go inside. I tried putting my heating pad under the pillow inside of it, to make it nice and toasty. However, he still wont use it. Anyone have any ideas?


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Catnip is a magical thing! Along with the hot water bottle I would add a used pillowcase from one of your pillows so it smells like you guys, depending on how old he is he might just be missing all his siblings and finding it hard to adjust to having his own bed. A ticking alarm clock placed by the bed will simulate heartbeats and relax him.

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I bought a hooded cat bed for my cats and they wouldn't use it until I rolled the hood back so the bed is open. The cats didn't like the hood. Put the cat bed on your bed near you. BTW all my life I've slept with cats on my bed and never yet hurt one. Usually when you stir in the bed and start to move to change sleeping position, the cat will simply move out of your way and settle back down after you've settled down.


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When Tia sleeps in my room she either sleeps in the bed with me or in the dog crate with Angel. Don't ask me why...she's done that since Angel was brought home.

And like Buddha said, when you stir in your sleep they usually move. I know Tia does too.