My Tonkinese meows continuously ....help

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Hi, we have a 10 month old desexed female Tonkinese and she is becoming more and more persistent with her meowing and it's starting to drive us insane frown Yes.... We were aware when we got her that her breed is very vocal, but she meows almost constantly at times....and sounds almost like a cat on heat when doing so.....it's a very cranky drawn out sort of meow that lasts for sometimes 10 seconds or so . We can no longer have her sleep in our bed because if we stir during the night she starts and makes it very hard to get back to sleep. We asked the vet about it and they suggested ignoring her when she's doing it, and we've tried that, but to no avail cry . She has clean food and water out at all times and access or her litter tray. She is an inside cat only, and is showered in plenty of love and attention by us and the kids.... Getting rid of her is not an option, but pleaseeeeee some help on this would be much appreciated as its becoming very draining frown


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Here is info only. Tonkinese are a mix of a Burmese and a Siamese. http://www.petfinder.com/cat-breeds/Tonkinese

Siamese are the vocal cats. We had four of them. We always had a pair at a time. Short of playing them to death before you go to bed, I'm not sure what else I can suggest. But our sleep with us at night and cried for food in the morning. Like 5 am when the light came in the house.

A laser pointer toy are cheap. Maybe use one to drain the cat just before bed time. And maybe a final feeding after play to get some sleep. I'm sorry I'm not more helpful.


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It might sound crazy but having a second kitty might help; at her age they should start getting along fairly fast if the other is 6-8 months--why not try fostering on a 'keep if acceptable' basis and see if it helps. 2 really are not any more trouble than one.